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Et ‘Toujours Là’ est Mieux Que ‘Parfois Seul’

April 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Et ‘toujours là’ est mieux que ‘parfois seul’.

And ‘always there’ is better than ‘sometimes alone’.

Today, indirectly and smoothly I complain again through my Twitter about my lonely feeling as a single women without any partner in life called boyfriend or fiance. I know, I know.. it’s my few hundred times I complain myself about loneliness, depressions, and any other negative emotion since I don’t have someone here beside to love me as a soulmate. But one of my friend Irawan Hutama replies a simple line that opened my mind.

We simply tweet in French, but actually it was one of my stupid way to use the Google Translate because I cannot speak French at all beside “Oui”. *LOL*

When I mention that sometimes I felt alone, he replies that I don’t need to worry, since all my friends were always there for me. And this simple line awakes me. Indeed, he is right. I never ever can be alone in this world. I got family, friends, workmates, and everyone loves me.. No need to waste my precious happy time that I could spend with them just to think of my sorrow being a single with no spouse besides me. And that is so true, “Et ‘toujours là’ est mieux que ‘parfois seul’. And ‘always there’ is better than ‘sometimes alone’.”

Thanks, dear friend.. That’s such a wake up call for me.





February 15, 2010 4 comments

Postingan ke-3 di hari yg sama. (Ya meskipun yg pertama & kedua gk bs dihitung jg krn cm introduction and testing dari BB..hehe..


Apa iya separah itu yang saya rasakan? Saya pny banyak teman di sekitar saya (bbrp besties aja sih, dri temen SMA, temen kuliah, & temen kos–itupun di Surabaya & cm bs ketemu weekend), teman2 kantor yg sangat baik (fyi pria semua, krn saya bekerja di site di Remote Area, and believe me, hanya 2 wanita disini, saya & ibu Rini, office girl yang susah jg disebut sbg teman karena kita bekerja di bidang masing2,,ibu Rini di belakang di pantry, saya di depan di ruangan saya sendiri), dan saya punya mama & Nita yang amat mencintai saya.. Dimanakah papa? Yupp, he’s already passed away almost 4 years ago. but still, he’s always on my mind.

Pacar dimana? Hufftttt..please don’t ask me such thing. I’m happy enough to be myself as a single and (very?) happy person. Life’s hard actually. Setiap hari saya harus menempuh jarak kurang lebih 30 km one way. Jadi dlm sehari saya menempuh jarak sekitar 60 km dari kosan ke kantor. But it’s okay lah,,when I arrive at the office, it’s all worth to do. They just love me here–apalagi krn saya satu2ny perempuan mungkin yaa..

But when I get back to this word: Lonely. Yes I do felt it sometimes.

Ingin rasanya ada seseorang yang standby,

just to receive my text and reply it back so I know he’s always there for me.

just to pick up my phone and hear my toughts so I can hear his voice, too.

just to be the one to chat with via YM or BBM or Twitt so I know that I’m not alone.

but the fact is, I don’t have one.

Okay, I’m fine with that. I’m not gonna continue because it will makes me looks like a desperate person while I’m not.

The last words as my respond to my own writing this time:

I’ll patiently waiting for the one that makes me forget i ever wrote this “Lonely” post.

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