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You Are What You Are

You are such an unanswered question in my head.

You are that kind of water bottle that cannot be opened when I wanted to drink you the most.

You are that one way door that I cannot open, unless you help me unlock it from the other side.

You are an old – buried book that I always miss to read but I couldn’t find it.

You are an empty glass but hardly I cannot fill you with the water I’ve tried to gave you.

You are a flower that tease me with your fragrant smell but you’ll hurt my hand with your thorn when I try to reach you.

You are a hand that touch mine but you make sure it had to be let go after a while.

You are a hope that killing one’s heart but you still so pretty to be dreamed about.

You are the moon that beautiful to see but only when the day is dark as my heart.

You are the cold air that I breathe that kept me alive but it will leave my lungs bleed.


You are what you are.

But after all,

You are what you are.



  1. September 13, 2010 at 2:52 am

    ok got it

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