between all the franticness, this one is the most powerful one that anxious me #jittery

it’s never been so hard until today, when i have to face the changes that’s beyond my comfort zone #jittery

dizzy up here. *pointin at my head* #jittery

maybe this ain’t so hard. but what makes it arduous is, i can’t tell it even a single line to anyone #jittery

and the hardest misery is when you cannot share it to someone else #jittery

and when you cannot share it, it will be a heavy burden inside you #jittery

still, i shouting out loud to myself : “wake up! it’s a delusional gigantic thing that ain’t exist for real!” #jittery

but as a common person and a human, i need someone that i can share with about this clandestine case from my darkest past. but who? #jittery

undo: i retract my last statement. cancelled. i need to voluntarily admit to the remuneration for what i’ve been playing with #jittery

gotta end this or it will be an endless circular and i trapped inside #jittery

so long, past.. i need to step over to clutch my future. thanks for everything.. thanks for helping me growing up.. #jittery


written between off the hooks, solicitous, anxious, fuss, demented, disquietude, fidgetiness, perturb, frantic, and jittery feelings..


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